From Porn to Poetry: Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind

From Porn to Poetry: Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind

edited by Susannah Indigo and Brian Peters

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From porn to poetry, with voyeuristic cats, rivers of butterflies, symbols for intensity, and the details of how to suck, Clean Sheets wraps you in heat, laughter, sex, and truth until the image of taking a rainy day guided tour of the vulva seems likes the best idea you could possibly have.

With hot new stories from popular writers like Susannah Indigo, Bill Noble, and William Dean, along with the best of Clean Sheets from Mary Anne Mohanraj, Heather Corrina, Jane Duvall, David Steinberg, Dorianne Laux, Jamie Joy Gatto, Helena Settimana and dozens more, this joyful celebration of erotic stories, essays, how-to's, poetry, and a woman being tongued to orgasm while reciting the names of the North American capital cities, will be sure to delight, inform, arouse, and surprise.

Table of Contents:

  • Perfect Pussies -- Janice Callisa
  • carolina rain -- Donna Hill
  • What's Abstinence Got To Do With It? -- Jeff Beresford-Howe
  • The Secret Life of Humphrey Milquer -- J. Hartman
  • The Final Fuck -- Cher Ladd-Vuolo
  • How To Make A Strawberry Sundae -- Bill Noble
  • Flash Poetry -- Gary Blankenship
  • Go Large -- Mike Kimera
  • Sex in Space:Finding The Zero-G Spot -- Naomi Darvell
  • Arianne -- Helena Settimana
  • Storm Blind in Bohemia -- William Dean
  • Pussy Galore -- Deborah Bacharach
  • Body and Soul: Confessions of a Kinky Churchgoer -- Rebecca Brook
  • A Jewel of a Woman -- Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • You're Welcome -- Nola Summers
  • Now That I'm Done -- Scott Poole
  • How to Suck -- H.L.Shaw
  • Fantasies in Rush Hour -- Brian Peters
  • River of Butterflies -- Bill Noble
  • Slut-faced, lips open, eyes -- William Dean
  • Chapter and Perverse -- Chris Bridges
  • hiking south -- Heather Corinna
  • The Symbol for Intensity -- Allison Lonsdale
  • Jitterbug -- Souvie
  • Grady's Bar & Grille -- Aria Braverman
  • How Not To Have Sex -- Emily Nagoski
  • Trilogy -- David Steinberg
  • Phone Sex: A Hot Way to Ring Your Lover's Bells -- Isabelle Carruthers
  • Zucchini -- Raphaela Crown
  • I Went Home Last Night With Stella -- Pasquale Capocasa
  • Dance Naked -- Susannah Indigo
  • 34B -- Annette Marie Hyder
  • Carmen Who Lives at the Lake -- David Surface
  • 2 AM -- Dorianne Laux
  • The Vulva: A Guided Tour For a Rainy Afternoon -- Jaie Helier
  • Blue in Cuba -- Patrick Linney
  • sloppy seconds -- Gwydion McCarthy
  • Sexcapades: The Whoopee Report -- Gary Meyer
  • Mary for Breakfast -- Jamie Joy Gatto
  • I Sexualize Everything -- Jonah Raskin
  • A Day in the Life of a Kinky Couple -- Jane Duvall
  • The Valentine's Gift -- Alex M.Quinlan
  • How Do You Make a Screaming Orgasm? -- Shanna Germain
  • Woman Being Tongued to Orgasm While Reciting the Names of North American Capital Cities -- Mark Aster
  • This is How It Feels -- Shailja Patel
  • Tell Me A Story -- Susannah Indigo

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ISBN 0971662304
Samba Mountain Press
250 pages

Tell Me A Story Come read the opening of Tell Me a Story from the new Clean Sheets anthology, as Rikki and Alex begin to walk the line between submission, imagination, stories, and obsession.

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